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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesAccess patient data and clinical documentation tools from your Epic EHR


With Rover, authorized clinical users of Epic’s electronic health record have secure access to tools for clinical review, medication administration, specimen collection, and other clinical documentation workflows right from their mobile devices.
Your organization needs to have licensed Rover and be using Epic 2014 or a later version to use the Rover app. The specific features available depend on decisions made by your organization. If you have questions about whether you can use Rover or a specific feature, contact the administrative or IT staff at your organization.
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Epic Rover APK - v9.5

Updated: 2020-11-18

What's new

We’ve made a few changes to make Rover better for you! This update includes fixes and improvements. To learn about notable new features in an update, check out our post on the Epic UserWeb.
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9.5 (1771)2020-11-18 (1736)2020-10-06 (1722)2020-09-21
9.4 (1691)2020-08-28
9.3.6 (1669)2020-08-01
9.3.4 (1641)2020-07-02
9.3.3 (1603)2020-06-04
9.2.2 (1557)2020-04-08
9.2.1 (1530)2020-03-19
9.2 (1501)2020-02-17
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