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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesAll-in-one home screen and email widget for personalized communication.


Tired of missing important emails and having to continuously reschedule meetings? Then Function is the email and productivity launcher for you! Our app is designed to help you get more stuff done. Quickly connect your email accounts, schedule meetings, set reminders, receive notifications for any missed emails, and much more. Gone are the days of missing important work emails, waiting for your email to load, and missing important meetings. Function is constantly being updated weekly to help the busiest Android™ users stay on top of their busy schedules.

Function Email Widget & Home Screen Popular Features:
⚠️ Urgent Senders keeps your most important emails first so you do not miss them

✔️ Custom schedule maker allows you to stay on top of all your day

⏰ Recurring reminders make sure you stay on top of all your tasks

🗂️ Multiple accounts can be used on your device for more efficient communication

👥 Personal Hub lets you create friend groups for special interests and group emailing

Stop Missing Emails A recent study done by YouGov has revealed that the average American adult has over 500 unread emails 😱 How many of your unread emails contain important work or personal information? With Function, you will never miss any of those important emails. We have an Urgent Senders Feature which gives our users the power to see all important information at the top of their email list inbox first. The days of important emails being sandwiched at the bottom of your inbox are over. Our Personal Hub feature also allows our users to stay up to date in important professional or personal groups. With Function, you’re always connected to what’s important to you!

Launcher Technology🚀

Function brings an entire new experience to your Android™ mobile device. Launcher technology allows us to replace the users home screen so they can access our unique features whenever they would like to! Simply sign into your email to be able use your personal email along with life changing productivity tools. With one right swipe of the screen, you will be able to see your inbox messages instantly. Have the freedom of customizing your home screen however you would like including wallpaper, ringtones, icons & widgets! 🙂

Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

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Function - Easy Email Access & Personal Launcher APK - v2.9.40

Updated: 2021-02-20

What's new

Latest Update Features:
👀 Introduced new Personal Hub Feature
- Now user can find email, news by category
- Reminder and Task are now merged into Personal Hub
- User can select one or multiple label for reminder and task to let them show by category
🙂 Improved support & bug fixes
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2.9.40 (1866)2021-02-20
2.9.38 (1855)2021-02-10
2.9.28 (1810)2020-12-10
2.9.23 (1785)2020-11-05
2.9.21 (1775)2020-11-03
2.9.14 (1740)2020-09-21
2.9.12 (1730)2020-09-04
2.9.11 (1725)2020-08-29
2.9.09 (1715)2020-08-22
2.8.11 (1650)2020-07-14
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