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Author's NotesSecure, Fast, Hidden, Interesting peaceful place for your love one.


Emachat is a messaging application only for your love one. Our main purpose is to give you a peaceful separate highly secure place. Messages and photos will deleted instantly within receiving from Your phone and our server. No role of any third person in this app. No disturbance of Others people, totally separate place. you can watch same movies together with your partner, and also play song for your Love one according to your wish.You can set status in this application. Photos will not stored here, deleted instantly within receiving, it is very useful feature for couple because couple are used to send personal pic to their partner and they have headache to delete it. Emachat application is solving this problem.Automatic emojis in text makes chatting more and more interesting and useful. Emachat wants to increase focus while chatting with their partner.


• NO PERSONAL DATA FROM USERS 🤩🤩🤩 : Emachat care about users privacy and value of personal life❤❤.To connect in emachat users don't need to give personal details like Name, Phone number, Email address. No need to login or sign up.

• NO NEED TO LOGIN & SIGNUP : In emachat you don't need to login or signup to connect. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

• SECRET CODES : Emachat is a one to one personal messaging application. user's can connect only with one person in his/her life that will may their gf/bf, husband /wife, Special person, best friend, lover..Users are connected with 256 bit AES encrypted secret codes and chat Ids. We do not even store secret codes of users in our server. Emachat does not need secret codes of users. Secret codes of users are save in Device of users.

>> Chat ids is random number which helps to connect Only you and your partner. Users can use a single chat id one time in single day. While using that chat ids, chat ids are saved in our database but after logging out it will deleted from database.

• SAVE USER : Users can save his/her partner which can help users to send chat id & automatic connection. It takes notification permission to send chat ids .When users will click send chat id their partner get a notification which no one can understand without their partner, then their partner will open EmaChat App & Connected for chatting.

• NO MESSAGE STORED : In emachat messages will deleted instantly within receiving from our server and from your phone.

• NO MEDIA STORED❤ : In emachat photos will deleted instantly within receiving from our server and from your can share any pic without fear 🤗 of savings in your and your's partner device📱. You can click pictures without fear of saving in your and your's partner device 😁😁.

• NO UNIQUE CREDENTIALS : Our main credential is 'CHAT ID' which help you to connect with your love one💕💕. But it is not a unique chat id. One Chat Id can be used one time in a day.The chat id is only a number that can help you to remember.When you are connected with your love one then you identify you partner with 256bit decoded Ema's Unique ID.

• NO CHARGES : EmaChat Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android, Web and other platforms only for your love one. EmaChat uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you connect with your love one 💓💓💓.

• WATCH MOVIE TOGETHER 🎬 : You can watch movie together with your partner💕💕

• LISTEN SONG TOGETHER 🎧🎧 : You can listen same song🎶 together with your partner😍.

• UPDATE STATUS 📱📱 : Upload unique status and watch😳 unique 🤫status in emastatus. Swipe right to enjoy 😃 emastatus.

If you have any suggestion then feel free to write us.
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EmaChat Personal Messenger APK - v2.0.6

Updated: 2020-11-27

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Full Secured personal messaging app for couples & lovers.
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