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Author's NotesElectronics circuit calculator helps you with your electronics projects


The electronics circuit calculator app is a very useful app for electrical/electronics engineering students and also good for electronics hobbyist. It is a powerful app with a lot of tools, it works well on phones and tablets.

It helps in circuit prototyping, complex electronics filter design such as Butterworth, Chebychev, Active filter calculations, etc.

RF calculations such as wave guide, attenuators, microstrip and frequency

You can perform the following calculations with the app:

555 Timer astable multivibrator calculations.
555 Timer monostable pulse duration calculations .
Resistor color code calculations.
Resistors in series.
Resistors in parallel.
Capacitors in series.
Capacitors in parallel.
Voltage divider calculator.
LCR impedance calculator.
LCR resonance calculator.
Operational amplifier calculator.
Inverting amplifier calculator.
Non-inverting amplifier calculator.
Difference amplifier calculator.
LED resistor calculator.
Zener diode voltage regulator calculator.
Inductor winding.
Capacitor resistor filter calculator.
Inductor resistor filter calculator.
Capacitive Reactance.
Inductive Reactance.
Bipolar junction transistor parameters calculations.
Delta -star.
Star - Delta.
Current divider calculations.
Parallel RLC.
Series RLC.
A transformer turns calculations.
flexibility Astable 555 timer multivibrator, Component values can be calculated by entering the required Duty cycle and frequency.
Ceramic capacitor calculator.
Polyester film capacitor calculator.
SMD resistor calculator.
Resistance calculator.
Resistor calculator.
Operational amplifier calculator.
RF calculator.
Pi attenuattor calculator.
T attenuator calculator.
Bridge attenuator calculator.
Solonoid calculator.
Toroidal inductor design.
Micro strip calculations.

and many more.

more features will be added with each and every update.
The electronics circuit calculator contains ads in order to support the development of the app.

If you have any suggestions or complaint email us please.
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Electronics circuit calculator-Electronics toolkit APK - v1.17

Updated: 2021-02-20

1.17 (139)2021-02-20
1.17 (138)2020-12-24
1.16 (136)2020-12-14
1.15 (135)2020-12-10
1.14 (134)2020-11-15
1.13 (133)2020-11-12
1.12 (132)2020-10-22
1.11 (131)2020-09-30
1.10 (130)2020-07-24
1.10 (129)2020-04-07
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