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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesMake any video your lesson!


This app for students will allow them to engage with Edpuzzle wherever they are.

With Edpuzzle, teachers can make any video their lesson. Get videos from a wide variety of sources like YouTube, Khan Academy, National Geographic and more, and embed comprehension questions, audio notes and voiceover in your video lessons. It's a must for any flipped classroom!

When your students download the app, they'll be able to complete their video lesson assignments anywhere – a total game-changer to make sure your absent students don't fall behind.

So get your students started using Edpuzzle in your flipped classroom, and make sure to leave us a review!
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Edpuzzle APK - v2.2.0

Updated: 2020-06-11

What's new

Check out our new and improved Android app! It now supports open classroom, live mode, closed captions and voiceover, is compatible with Canvas and Schoology, and we got rid of those pesky bugs!
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2.2.0 (48)2020-06-11
2.1.2 (47)2020-03-18
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2.1.0 (45)2020-02-18
1.6.7 (38)2019-08-29
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1.6.3 (34)2018-12-04
1.6.2 (33)2018-11-21
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