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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesMTG companion app for distinguished EDH players and their rivals.


Magic the Gathering life points counter.

Commander players, rejoice! Now you can track all those experience counters and who has the city's blessing, and how much commander damage each was done to each player.

This is a small and simple life and resource counter for MTG, for up to 6 players.

Track useful resources such as: Life points, experience, poison and energy counters, mana pools, commander damage, commander zone casting, monarch, city blessing. It also includes a handy dice roller.

Customize each player's panel with themes to give it a flavorful spin!

No ads (for real and for good) and released under GNU-GPL and Creative Commons licenses! Enjoy!
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EDH Shieldmate APK - v1.8.0

Updated: 2019-12-26

What's new

- Finally: improved 3 and 5 player screens!
- Swapped unpopular themes for more flavorful ones
- Improved button touching detection
- Improved design on newer phone screen models
- New information screen, inside the settings menu
- Do not get used to the elk skin, it'll go away someday
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