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Organisations around the world are using ECAT to cut costs, improve compliance, strengthen operations and gain a competitive edge.
Our purpose in the beginning, today, and for the next 30 years is to make it easy and feasible for organizations, using mobile technology, to get an instant, accurate and complete picture of the state or status of anything so that they can better manage their operation.
The consensus was that technology wasn’t enabling people to easily and quickly create, edit, roll out and manage their own audits. Solutions tended to be either specialist and rigid or general and unintelligent. Auditors found they had to amend their processes to fit the technology rather than the other way around and were still leaning heavily on either internal or external IT people. Most felt technology should do more of the work, e.g. once an anomaly was recorded that the system would automatically and immediately respond and create all required tasks, assignments and notifications. Some were even using dedicated hardware to record audits which seemed ridiculous when they already had smartphones and tablets.
To manage large organisations we certainly need heavy duty software solutions such as ERP’s and CRM platforms, but, we don’t need heavy weight technology for audits. What we need is a flexible, intelligent, mobile solution that enables us to better manage auditing; without IT people.
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eCAT (Audit Tool) APK - v1.5.2

Updated: 2021-02-21

What's new

1. Track live conduction Audits
2. Provide "GPS Not Available" option
3. Take Input in Specific Format - Mask Text Field
4. Show PDF in 'Additional Image/PDF' Additional fields
5. Show Task Status Summary Gadget in Dashboard.
6. Provide Submitted and Resume Audit details via Support login
7. Flag to change team member info. within an app
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1.5.2 (59)2021-02-21
1.5.2 (58)2021-02-11
1.5.1 (57)2020-12-16
1.5.0 (56)2020-12-13
1.4.10 (55)2020-11-22
1.4.9 (54)2020-09-17
1.4.9 (53)2020-09-07
1.4.8 (52)2020-07-29
1.4.8 (51)2020-07-26
1.4.7 (50)2020-05-22
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