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Our lending platform gives access to financial credit (cash and goods/services payments) in a quick, simple and transparent manner via mobile wallets
Our unique offering is providing the ability for a customer to take a loan (shopping loan) which is paid directly to a supplier’s mobile money (M-PESA) business number or pay directly for a service bill, shopping utilities.
We also disburse cash loans directly to the customer’s mobile money wallet.

Core products
Shopping loan - Take a loan and pay directly to a M-PESA business name or till no
Cash Loan - Take a loan and receive money directly to your M-PESA account

How to get Started
1. Download Duta - Personal Loans App from google play store
2. Accept app permissions and submit registration details
3. Setup and confirm four (4) digit securty pin
4. Login and submit MPESA statement by dialing *234#
select (5) My M-PESA information
select (1) M-PESA Statements
select (1) full statement and send the statement to
5. You will then receive a decision on the limit in six (6) hours
6. When you get a limit you can select the loan type to request either cash or shopping loan
7. You should receive the loan in five (5) minutes
8. To increase your limit pay your loan within the loan schedule

What are Duta loan terms?
Customers can select preference for loan terms up to 60 days.
• 60-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 10-30%*
• For example, for a 60-day loan with principal amount of KSh 1,000, the service fee would be KSh300 and the total amount due would be KSh 1,300.
• *APR: 15-360%. Duta does not charge you more than the amount of your service fee. Fees do not increase due to rollover charges

Depending on the loan amount for which you are eligible, you have the option to choose repayment terms for up to 60 days. Customers have the option to select a term as short as 7 days.

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Terms and Conditions: Duta charges a one-time service fee of 15-30%* of principal amount. Repayment schedules may vary. There is no minimum payment period for repayment. Customers can make payments towards their principal at any time following disbursement. No other fees will be charged after this time. We may call the customer to follow up on loan payments from any alternative numbers acquired from the customer data. Additional terms and conditions apply.
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