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OS RequireAndroid 4.2.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesYour essential tool to smoothly copy, organize and transfer files.


The intuitive drag & drop handling sets a new standard in file interaction making whatever you want to do a smooth operation.

This file manager provides all typical file operations such as cut, copy, paste, rename, delete and a file transfer to the pc.

If you want to paste files in different folders, the editable multi-file clipboard makes it easier than ever.

Ever wondered how much space your images, videos, documents and more occupy? You can see that at one glance now.

Do you wish to quickly exchange files between your Android device and your pc? Use Droid Commander's wireless data transfer which doesn't require any cloud storages or further apps.

The state-of-the-art UI provides a beautiful dark mode in addition to the clean light mode.

Are you still missing a feature? Let's create the file manager that you've always wanted!

You can add and endorse feature requests on a special feedback portal so we will know what exactly you and the other users want.

Further features:
- See the size of folders at just one glance
- View PDF files
- Add shortcuts to your favorite files
- Search files
- Beautiful Dark Mode

What makes this app one of the best:
- Your feedback and your ideas!

Check out our product test portal to see what comes next and submit your ideas:
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Droid Commander - File Manager APK - v1.2.9

Updated: 2020-09-04

What's new

- Fixed error "cannot restore files" (thanks for pointing it out!)
- Fixed error "last item in trash manager is not removed after restoring it"
- Updated libraries
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1.2.9 (120)2020-09-04
1.2.8 (119)2020-06-02
1.2.6 (113)2020-03-12
1.2.5 (112)2020-03-03
1.2.4 (107)2020-02-15
1.2.4 (106)2020-02-07
1.2.3 (103)2020-01-16
1.2.2 (100)2019-12-18
1.2.2 (97)2019-12-17
1.2.2 (96)2019-12-12
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