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Author's NotesRemind you to drink water and stay healthy


"Water Tracker" helps you drink water regularly. Calculate your daily water intake and get notifications!

Water is essential for life on our planet. Roughly 70 percent of the body is made of water. We require water for almost every function within our bodies, from flushing out toxins to digestion. Water is essential to good health, yet needs vary between individuals. This app can help ensure you drink enough fluids.

Application features:
* Water requirement calculator
* Reminders
* Units (Metric and fl oz)
* Useful tips about water

You may need to modify your total fluid intake depending on how active you are, the climate you live in, your health status, etc., the calculation is only recommendation.
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Drink Reminder APK - v1.0.5

Updated: 2020-09-19

1.0.5 (6)2020-09-19
1.0.4 (5)2020-09-16
1.0.2 (3)2020-09-08