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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesDrift around various tracks in lots of Super Cars in this free drift racing game


Drifting on race tracks is not the easiest thing in racing sports, but it is incredibly satisfying in this drift game for your smartphone and tablet.

In Drift Cup Racing you take a seat in your first car and drift your way up the ranks to unlock more cars, new upgrades and different race tracks.

🏎 Controls:
Fortunately you don’t have anything else to do than steer your drift car through each corner with style. You car drives automatically, breaks are non-existent! Drift through corners in the quickest way possible

🏎 New Cars:
The more races you win the more cars you will unlock. And each of those cars can be upgraded in several areas to make them real drift monsters. Nothing better than sliding over a half frozen race track in the middle of nowhere with a brand new Italian sports car, right?

🏎 Obstacles:
On the track you don’t only have to avoid crashing into your opponents, but avoid obstacles as well. Depending on the race track you will encounter oil puddles and frozen surfaces. Both of them will temporarily even more reduce the grip of your already sliding car.

🏎 Speed Boosts:
You may notice these colorful arrow-shaped areas scattered around the tracks. Those are speed boosts that will rocket your car forward with incredible speed. Just make sure you don’t hit a wall now.

Some general advice from us professional drift car racers:
Although a long smooth drift looks awesome, it is not the fastest way to get around a race track. Try to make your drifts effective. Drift around corners smoothly and close to the corner’s epicenter. The smoother your steering is, the faster you will be in general.

But don’t try to cut corners too much, because you are very likely to crash into a barrier. You can’t drive outside of the race track, so keep your car on the track.

🏎 Features:
- Arcade Drift Racing
- Lots of tracks and cars
- Free racing game
- Upgrades for all cars
- Drive in Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring
- Avoid Obstacles
- For Kids and Adults
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Drift Cup Racing - Free Arcade Drift Racer APK - v20.18.01

Updated: 2019-08-05

What's new

Bug Fixes :)
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