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Author's NotesConquer a castle and breed the meanest, cutest, strongest dragons in the world!


Welcome to Dragon Castle, where you are in charge of a Castle that aims to create the most awesome dragons, along with their habitats.
Once you are in charge, it is up to you to feed the dragons, and provide a convenient environment for your dragons to thrive. Remember you have only one chance to breed the meanest, cutest, strongest dragons in the world, and be known the world over!


- Free to play!
- A wide variety of exciting dragons
- A realistic, university style dorm (habitat) for all your dragons.
- A crossbreeding mechanism, which brings out surprisingly realistic results!
- Manage the habitats as you would in real life- this includes feeding your animals, and arranging food resources amongst animals
- Attract visitors to the university by decorating your habitats with fascinating unique decor items
- Beautiful animations and sounds. Everything will feel as realistic as if it were happening in real life, right in front of your eyes!
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Dragon Castle APK - v11.70

Updated: 2020-07-05

What's new

New designs and fixes
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