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Android 2.1 - Eclair
Smoothly animated, colorful waves!

Dots & Waves is a live wallpaper made of colorful dots and beautifully animated waves.


▪ Fully customizable live wallpaper.
▪ Widget for easy access to wallpaper settings.
▪ Transparent settings screen, changes are instantly visible.

▪ Several different types of waves and dots movement.
▪ Adjustable animation speed of dots and waves.
▪ Custom dots, waves and background colors.
▪ Predefined best color compositions.

▪ Supports both portrait and landscape orientations.
▪ Supports all devices and all screen resolutions.
▪ Completely lag-free and battery friendly. When the wallpaper is not visible it turns itself off.


▪ Your phone must support live wallpapers for this to work.
▪ To keep this wallpaper free of costs, we've decided to put unobtrusive ads in a preference screen.

▪ Please support us and rate 5 stars if you like this wallpaper.


Full Internet access: used for ads appearing occasionally on settings screen.

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Dots & Waves APK - v1.6

: -0001-11-29

1.6. Minor bug fixes.
1.5. Removed ads. Fixed a bug with only one wave selected. Optimized memory usage.
1.4. Editor for dots, waves and background colors. New dots type.
1.3. Added new color set for background, dots and waves. New color themes. New wave types.
1.2. Completely redesigned waves and dots animation. New color themes.
1.1. Removed static background and added fluently animated waves with multiple color themes.

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1.6 (7)-0001-11-29