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Author's Notes2360 Notes for Medics/Pharma/PAs


Over 2300 fully searchable topics for the ward round, clinic and your personal study. Help you to study effectively and pass your exams. For Doctors, medical students, pharmacists, nurses, physicians associates, and other Healthcare professionals. It contains over 350 drugs, 1500 diseases and 300 Basic science notes. Can free text search it all. Clinical pearls are highlighted. This is free the only payment is to spread the word.

The interface has now changed to take you straight to the search page. There are 3 forms of search

1) Type will search the topic title
2) Type and press enter does a free text search of all the content
3) Prefix with # will search the major headings like #cardio will show all topics on cardiology
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Medical Notes 2020 APK - v2053

Updated: 2020-09-21

What's new

New version with more images if you have internet access
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