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Author's NotesAssistant for Dungeons and Dragons. Character Managers for 4e and 5e only.


Simple assistant for Dungeons and Dragons sessions. For players and Game Masters!

As a Game Master, you can use the tools like Initiative Tracker or Skill Challange Manager to make your session more dynamic, thanks to intuitive UI which will track all of the information you need!

As a player, you can easily track every vital information about your characters (DnD 4e and 5e only), like health points, spellslots and more!
Change values of anything with just single clicks!
Keep all the important data about your character in one place using character sheet!
Save notes, images and useful PDFs, having easy access to them anytime!

Highlighted features:
- character sheets for 5e and 4e,
- spellbook and all of spells and feats from D&D 5.0,
- powers, feats, features, items and rituals from D&D 4.0.

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D&D Session Assistant APK - v2.42.1

Updated: 2020-10-23

What's new

• Minor QOL changes.
• Changed some texts in the app to make them more gender-inclusive.
• You can now track and manage your character's effects and statuses from the character's main screen. Press "New effect" button to start, type in the name of the effect, set its duration, add the description and the icon... or choose from the list of common available effects (like stunned, or concentration) and the description and the icon will be filled in automatically.
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2.42.1 (217)2020-10-23
2.42.0 (215)2020-09-22
2.41.1 (214)2020-07-15
2.41.0 (213)2020-06-14
2.40.2 (212)2020-05-24
2.40.0 (210)2020-04-08
2.39.0 (209)2020-03-05
2.38.0 (208)2020-02-28
2.37.3 (207)2020-02-12
2.37.1 (205)2020-02-05
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