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Author's NotesCreate your strategy & build an ancient town, explore cities! City building game


Divine Academy is an ancient strategy, an incredible adventure and a god simulator. Build a magnificent heavenly city for your settlers. Create the greatest of kingdoms. Build a magical academy and learn from the best teachers of Olympus - the Greek gods! Create and destroy with one touch!

Divine Academy - take care of your people, give them gifts, create new buildings and magnificent decor! Fight against mythical monsters and protect the splendor you created! You will have to complete a variety of interesting tasks, learn the basics of magic, find and study magical artifacts. And you can do all that while playing with your friends.

Divine Academy - rule from the early centuries to the Middle Ages and become a real epic hero!

- Build a beautiful heavenly metropolis
- Become a great Greek god
- Create miracles with a flick of the wrist
- Explore ancient ruins and new lands
- Meet many exciting characters
- Look for hidden treasure
- Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient Greece
- Play with friends on Facebook

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Divine Academy: God Simulator, Build your City APK - v3.6.0

Updated: 2020-10-15

What's new

Two large story islands have been added to the game. Starting from Level 4, any player can unlock new lands and unravel their secrets.
Playing with friends has become even easier. We have prepared a new user-friendly interface for interacting with friends.
We have also added many unique avatars. Now you can add an image of your favorite game character to your profile.
We have changed the interface in the Library and Oracle. It is now much easier to study the required book.
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3.6.0 (3006007)2020-10-15
3.5.0 (3005006)2020-07-16
3.4.0 (3004003)2020-06-02
3.3.0 (3003005)2020-04-05
3.2.0 (3002006)2020-03-09
3.1.5 (3001503)2020-02-09
3.1.2 (3001202)2020-01-10
3.0.1 (3000008)2019-12-02
2.9.0 (2009008)2019-10-28
2.8.7 (2008701)2019-09-18
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