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Author's NotesRel. Literacy & Competency Resources for Disaster Readiness, Response & Recovery


Download the app to find specific, practical information to help you engage or support religious individuals and groups across the disaster lifecycle – or build partnerships with faith communities. An essential tool for religious leaders, chaplains, first responders, government, disaster & public health emergency professionals, and volunteers.

You can search and share this information in a variety of ways:

- RELIGIONS INDEX: In-depth information about 27 religious groups. Explore basic beliefs and practices, as well as practical information on medical and mental health care, death and burial practices, and dietary guidelines, among other topics for each religion.

- TIPS BY TOPIC: Select a topic such as dietary practices or physical interaction, then and select which religions you would like information about to get quick access to useful information to guide your work with religious groups.

Also find Tip Sheets and Resources PDFs that can be either shared and printed, as well as training opportunities to further your learning:

- CONGREGATION TIP SHEETS: Easily access and share 26 tips sheets to equip religious leaders with information and resources about critical issues.

- MASS CARE TIP SHEETS: Easily access and share 5 tip sheets on sheltering and mass care for religious communities whose needs are often overlooked, cobranded by the American Red Cross.

- PARTNERSHIP TIP SHEETS: Easily access and share 16 tip sheets on Engaging Faith Communities in Disasters, cobranded by FEMA.

-TRAININGS: Find out how to access a variety of current trainings, design courses you need, or access our speakers' bureau to support your disaster lifecycle work and partnerships with faith communities.
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