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OS RequireAndroid 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Author's NotesA simple and easy-to-use stopwatch with history function.


A large button stopwatch for simplicity!
The entire screen is an operation button, so there are no operational errors.
You can choose between two methods: normal measurement and the time the screen is touched
A history function is included so that you can check your measurements later
History features include filters, analysis and other features that are ideal for data management
The history can be output as a CSV file, so it can be linked with Excel or other software.
An excellent stopwatch that is simple but functional!

※Points to consider
Most stopwatches work when you touch the screen and release your finger (click action).
As a result, there is a time lag between the results and the measurement data.
This stopwatch is designed to work as soon as you touch it (touch operation), as an improvement on measuring accurate data.

☆Main Features

◇Change of measurement method
 ・Touch to stop (alternate action)
  Measurement starts when the screen is touched and stops
  when the screen is next touched.
  How to measure a common, ordinary stopwatch.
  Effective when the measurement time is long.

 ・Release and stop (momentary operation)
  When the screen is touched, the measurement starts,
and when the screen is released, the measurement stops.
In other words, a method of measurement that allows you
to measure the time you touch the screen.
  It is effective when the measurement time is short.

◇Label function
 It is possible to label the measurement data.
 The history function is effective when combined
with filtering and data analysis

◇History function (measurement value storage)

  Data can be separated and displayed by labels.
  This is a function that allows you to separate and display
multiple pieces of data.

 ・Data analysis
  Graph the data and analyze the maximum, minimum and
  average values
  It can be combined with filtering.

 ・CSV output
  Output the history as a CSV file
  Can be linked with other software such as Excel.
 (Write permission to external storage is required to use this feature.)

◇Wrap (split) function
 Measure the elapsed time for each section and display it.
 The lap data will be in the history.

◇Resume function
 After the measurement is stopped, it can be
 resumed from the time it was stopped.

◇Button Mode
 You can switch to a small button operation.
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Stopwatch with History APK - v1.88

Updated: 2020-06-28

What's new

2020.06.27 Added a sound effect function when operating the measurement button
2020.06.06 Added function to operate with volume button
2020.05.23 App size optimization
2020.05.15 Added font size adjustment function
Fixed a bug in the history function
2020.04.19 Improved operability
2020.04.09 Improved operability
2020.04.01 Implementation of CSV output function
     (To use this feature, you must have write permissions on external storage.)
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