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Author's NotesPay bills, save money & achieve your savings goals - your smart money assistant.


Whatever your money goals may be, it all starts now. Stay on top of your finances with Digit, the personal finance app that intelligently helps you save money and pay off debt like phone bills, credit card debt, and student loan debt faster.

Find an easier way to reach your money goals and achieve better financial health. No budgets. No overdrafts. Just a helpful way to stay on top of your spending and meaningfully pay off debt.

Digit’s personalized money saving algorithm keeps your personal finance needs in mind. So achieving better financial health is closer than you think. Pay down credit card debt, and student loan debt, pay off bills faster and save money effortlessly, all without the need for a budget.


Simply connect your Digit savings account to your bank account when you sign up - that’s it!

1) Money saving made easy. Digit’s personalized money tracker works for you. We learn your spending patterns and income. And our understanding of your personal finances is always evolving, so you can save cash and reach your financial goals quickly.
2) Save money consistently. We’ll move the perfect amount of money from your checking account to a secure Digit savings account on a regular basis.
3) Reach your financial goals and pay off debt faster, easier, and without the need for a budget.

Digit is completely free to try for 30 days. After your trial period, a monthly subscription costs just $5 and can be canceled anytime. Why only $5? Because it shouldn't cost a lot of cash to save a lot of cash.

Featured in Forbes, CNBC, New York Times, Yahoo! Finance, Digit is the personal finance app that helps you and others like you manage your money, reach your financial goals, improve your financial health, and save an average of $2,500 a year along the way.*


— Save money in the perfect amount with a savings algorithm and money tracker that is completely personalized to you.

— Save for an unlimited number of money goals. Digit splits up your savings and moves money to your different savings goals based on what’s important to you.

— Pay off bills or other debt like student loan debt or credit card debt faster. Sync up your bills and pay with money that Digit saves for you throughout the month.

— Fight overdrafts. Digit’s money tracker works in the background and sends you notifications when you’re at risk of spending more than your checking balance. Digit will automatically move money from your Digit savings account back to your bank account, preventing overdrafts.

— Cash out as often as you like. No fees, no minimums.

— Daily updates. Receive daily account balance updates and always stay on top of your finances.

— Plus, earn 0.5% annually on your Digit savings. That's 7X more than most savings accounts!

— Bank-level encryption software keeps your funds and personal information secure.

— FDIC-insured banks maintain your Digit savings, insured up to a balance of $250,000.
The future is yours. So get there with Digit. Your personal finance friend.


*Average saved based on Digit customers with connected accounts from Jan-June 2020
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Digit: Save Money. Pay off Debt. No Overdrafts. APK - v3.46.0

Updated: 2020-12-23

3.46.0 (1082360)2020-12-23
3.44.0 (1082342)2020-12-18
3.43.0 (1082170)2020-12-17
3.41.0 (1081743)2020-12-06
3.38.0 (1080904)2020-11-03
3.35.0 (1080010)2020-10-27
3.34.0 (1079337)2020-10-24
3.31.0 (1077480)2020-10-01
3.30.0 (1077105)2020-09-30
3.29.0 (1072110)2020-08-22
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