Play together with your son or daughter, encourage them to look at the pictures attentively and conjecture the differences. At...



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Author's NotesPlay together with your son or daughter, encourage them to look at the pictures attentively and conjecture the differences. At...




Play together with your son or daughter, encourage them to look at the pictures attentively and conjecture the differences. At first sight, the two variants appear to be almost identical, but a closer look will allow you to spot some minor dissimilarities: a wolf or some other animal peeping out from behind the bush, a beautiful rainbow arching up in the sky, or a colorful butterfly sitting on the fishing rod.


- Six stories of a cute bunny's life that will make your kid smile;
- Three difficulty levels for every picture, except for the first, 'newbie' one;
- A hint button for tough situations;
- Pop-the-balloon mini-game;
- The game is an exciting family playtime option for the older sister, mom, father, cousin or grandma who needs to babysit for a couple hours.

New Skills For Your Toddler:

- All-round cognitive skills development: attention concentration, memory, thinking;
- Playing the game, the child will learn to notice small details, thus improving his/her observation skills;
- Development of eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

➊ Six Stories From The Bunny's Life

The game offers the young player six different stories from one animal's life:
- the cute lil baby bunny is posing for his first photograph with a carrot;
- the young bunny is staying at home and enjoying the comfort of a rocking chair and plaid blanket, occasionally sipping on a mug of hot steamy tea;
- the bunny is running through a field of flowers nearby his house, a smile on his lips, flowers in hand, while an amazing rainbow is bracing the sky;
- the bunny is taking care of his vegetable garden and a flower bed;
- the bunny is fishing, wearing a funny hat and flip-flops;
- the bunny is gathering mushrooms in the forest, surrounded by many other inhabitants of the woods: wolf, deer, fox and others.

➋ Difficulty Levels

Five of the pictures offered in the game have their own difficulty levels, which depend on the number of differences to be spotted.
- The first picture of a baby bunny is designed for newbie players; it offers only one difficulty level with 8 stars to be received.
- Each of the remaining five pictures has three levels, with 15, 20 or 25 stars to obtain.

➌ New Diffs Each Time You Play

For each of the pictures, we have prepared a bunch of varied details, so that playing the game remains fun for your child longer. Mother and father can spend hours of playtime together with their baby son or daughter, sharing moments of happiness. Grandpa or grandma, older brother or sister who needs to babysit a toddler or a child of preschool age will find this exciting app extremely helpful, as it helps to quiet down a crying kid quickly and keep him/her entertained.

➍ Pop-The-Balloon Mini-Game

Upon accomplishment of the task, when all the differences are found, the screen will go dark and a series of colorful balloons will fly up from the bottom part of the screen, followed by a compliment to your child's efforts. Encourage the kid to try touching and popping the balloons for some extra fun!

Bunny's Life: Spot The Diffs is designed to help mommy and papa in the efforts aimed at improving cognitive skills of their toddlers or kids of kindergarten age. It's particularly suitable for children who love animals, such as wolf, bunny, frog, deer, fox and others.

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