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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesDevice Info is a hardware and software information app for Android devices.


🎁Key Features

👉Storage Analysis
Quickly find redundant files, duplicate files, and large files to free up more storage space

👉Apps Analysis
Target sdk, min sdk, app installer, native library, perform a comprehensive physical examination of the applications in your phone!

👉Device Test
Screen test, button test, sensor test to see if everything is normal on your phone

👉App Detail
Activities, services, broadcast receivers, permissions, view AndroidManifest.xml, you can see all the details of the application

👉Management Apps
Export app icons, export app APKs, share apps, uninstall apps, it’s very convenient for you to perform any operations on apps

📱📱Device Info provides following information of your Android device which grouped as below.

👉Android Device info, Phone info
👉System Info
👉Real time Sensor Information
👉CPU & Processor Details
👉Hardware temperature
👉Network(WiFi & Mobile network)
👉Camera info
👉Internal Storage & System Storage & External Storage
👉App details

Permissions 👇 👇

 ⚙️ READ_PHONE_STATE - To get network info
 ⚙️ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To extract apps or app icon
 ⚙️ ACCESS_CRARSE_LOCATION - To get WLAN SSID and mobile data info

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Device Info - One Application, All Information. APK - vv2.5.9

Updated: 2021-02-28

v2.5.9 (180)2021-02-28
v2.5.7.3 (178)2021-02-20
v2.5.5 (172)2021-02-10
v2.5.4 (169)2021-02-02
v2.5.3 (168)2021-01-31
v2.5.2 (167)2021-01-13
v2.5.0 (165)2020-11-28
v2.4.9 (160)2020-11-03
v2.4.6 (157)2020-09-28
v2.4.3 (154)2020-08-25
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