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Teddy the Panda

Have you always dreamed of your teddy bear coming to life and playing with you? Now the dream has come...

Hidden Objects: Pharaoh Amulet

In an attic you find the diary of the missing explorer Augustus Rasmussen. Can you solve the mystery surrounding the...

Fury Zoo – Anarchic Animals

The animals are angry! Shouldn’t it all be about them in the park? Why should they even try to look...
Summer Fun with DogWorld

The sweetest animal playing app DogWorld 3D for all big and small children who always dreamt of having a dog....

Man-At-Snow - Snow At Home

In the dark, cold winter night, many frozen snowballs are only waiting for one thing: That a skillful player comes...

Candy Cat Tennis – 8-bit bash

Ready for a round of tennis? Help the cat lose weight and play against the evil gumball machine. A furious...

Pet-A-Pult - Pixel Challenge

The pixel animals are on the run and looking out for somebody to help them fulfill their dreams! Can you...

Puzzle with Princess Lillifee

It's a happy day for each and every fairy friend! That's because the new puzzle game with Princess Lillifee and...
PetWorld: Animal Hospital

PLEASE NOTE: We noticed some crashes under Android 5.X or higher. Please check if your device might be affected. We...

Tiny Labyrinth Rats: LabRATory

Tiny labyrinth rats certainly don't have it easy - especially not when you're hungry for free cheese and stuck in...

DogWorld Dress Up

Discover the wild world of carnival together with your own cute pet dog! Dress him up in funny costumes and...

Hoof It! - Save the cow!

Moo! Now, you’ll have to bolt away from the beasts, because Mr. Fox and Mr. Wolf are after you! Save...

Hippo Sports

Turn the slow, clumsy pachyderm into a master on the trampoline, a virtuoso with the jumping rope or into the...

Puzzle fun with Capt'n Sharky

Ahoy, all you landlubbers! A freshly caught game with Capt’n Sharky and his friends is here! Solve amazing puzzles with...

Elfcraft - Match and crush 3 Stones

The Magical Puzzle - The Game of Elfenland

Hippo Sports Premium

With Hippo Sports, you can help the funny hippo with its training!
Lernerfolg Englisch Schule

Vampiric good grades - with Tivola to successful learning in technical English!

Lernen Vorschule: Prinzessin Lillifee Buchstaben

With Capt'n Sharky learn little fairy friends know first letters!