Developer · Sam Ruston

Total: 16 Apps & Games

Magic Ruler (Tape Measure)

Magic Ruler calculates the height of objects in the real world using the sensors on your device. Depending on how...

Reverb Speech Jammer

Reverb Speech Jammer works by playing your own voice back to you, slightly after you've said it. This will throw...

Craft - Minecraft Craft Guide

This guide provides the recipes for crafting items in Minecraft. It is fast, simple and allows you to bookmark your...

Bus Tracker (Yorkshire)

This is a bus tracker (as the title states, this only works for buses in Yorkshire). Just enter a bus...

Jake and Amir - Videos/Podcast

Oh Sheesh Y'all, Twas a Dream! This app provides you with 500+ Jake and Amir videos, If I Were You,...

Better - Life Hacks & Tips

Better provides you with thousands of life hacks and tips to help you be more productive, save money and be...

Cookbook - Beautiful Recipes

Cookbook is an easy to use application which provides brilliant and simple recipes for everyone. They are easy-to-follow and provided...

Debate Club - Discuss/Poll

Debate Club helps you discuss, debate and poll things that matter. Just because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't mean...
Weather Timeline - Forecast

Weather Timeline is a simple weather app that focuses on summarising the next hour, the next 48 hours and the...

QuickTeX - Share Equations

Quickly share LaTeX formatted equations with friends

Bouncer - Temporary App Permissions

A better way to manage app permissions

Luci - Dream Journal/Lucid Guide & Sleep Recorder

Hack your dreams
Flush - Crowdsourced Toilets

A public toilet and restroom/WC/bathroom finder/locator

Hurry - Countdown to Birthday/Vacation (& Widgets)

Countdown the days until Christmas, birthdays, holidays, vacations or bills

BuzzKill - Notification Superpowers

A notification tool with superpowers that anyone can setup in seconds

Currency Converter - CoinCalc

A beautiful currency & exchange converter with cryptocurrencies