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Game Time Performance Tracker

Keep track of resources from all the games installed on your Android Device!GameTime is an Android Analytics Application that provides...

App Monitor Performance Tool

Monitor your app performance, usage, and find better Android performing apps with new app recommendations! M2 App Monitor is a...

Battery Widget Pro

Save your battery life and discover which apps are draining your battery with the FREE Battery Widget Pro. Battery Widget...

MatchCut Videos for Instagram

Enhance the Ordinary with MatchCut Videos!MatchCut Videos is the fastest and easiest video editor for Android, giving you a stunning...

Hungama Bollywood Video Maker

Become the next Bollywood music video star with MatchCut: the fastest & easiest video-editing app for Android. Make your own...

True Booster (Clean & Boost)

Speed up your phone and remove junk files with True Booster. Force close background apps that drain battery and data....

Battery Widget+ (% Indicator)

Battery Widget+ is an elegant 1x1 widget which:- Shows you an animated battery charge level on your home screen when...

Battery Widget+ StylePack

Battery Widget+ StylePack is a theme plugin for Battery Widget+. StylePack provides 6 more styles of battery level indicators now,...

Phases of the Moon Calendar & Wallpaper Pro

Ad-free moon phase calendar with live wallpaper, lunar widget, & 3D simulation.

Network Cell Info - Mobile & WiFi Signal

The network cell signal monitoring tool for LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA.
Battery Widget % Level Indicator Free

Live Battery Level Widget shows the battery percentage indicator in a 1x1 space.

My Signal Tracker Coverage Map

Track and locate where you have the best cell coverage with My Signal Tracker.

Network Cell Info Lite - Mobile & WiFi Signal

The network cell signal monitoring tool for LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA.

Battery Widget Percentage Charge Level (Free)

Free battery charge widget that shows your percentage level and apps running.
Phases of the Moon Calendar & Wallpaper Free

Place a live widget/wallpaper on your desktop to keep track of lunar events!