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Drums for Toddlers, Kids - Music Game with Animals

Drums for Kids with Animals is one of our educational games for kids kindergarten aged 2 to 5 years old....

Doctor Foots - Medical Treatment Game to Heal Feet

Doctor Foots is an exciting game about a hospital in which everything is next to real: a line of sick...

Kids game: baby phone NO ADS

“Baby phone” is an engrossing educational game for young children. The app will help parents turn the ordinary smartphone into...

Kids Puzzles Learn Professions

“Kids Puzzles - Learn Professions” is one of our best fun educational games for kids, in which your baby learns...

Matchstick Game for Toddlers

A Matchstick Game for Toddlers is one of our new educational games for kids of the age 2-5 years old....

GoKids! Game Pack: All Games for Kids in 1 Package

We present to your attention an app which you can download, subscribe, and get all the educational games for kids...

Baby Phone for Toddlers: Kids Fun Educational Game

“Baby Phone” is our latest educational games for toddlers which has enormous potential for kids entertainment and learning. It helps...

Adventures with funny pigs: game for kids,toddlers

Jump into enthralling "Adventures with funny pigs" - go through short entertaining and educational puzzles for children and help every...

Baby Zoo Piano - Jurassic

Slacken cares of parenthood for a moment and get your child acquainted with piano music accompanied by sounds of various...

Magic Puzzles ✨: Fairy Games for kids and toddlers

"Magic Puzzles ✨" - kids puzzle games with tiny puzzles for toddlers. It`s very colorful and useful game where kids...

Christmas magic snowballs

When December – the magic time of gingerbread, Christmas and Santa Claus – approaches, it's so much tempting for kids...

Animals washing for kids

Animals washing for kids is a kids' game designed to bring tons of fun and entertainment, to teach children of...

Winter game: Your own snowman!

It's almost Christmas and your kids are eager to leave the house and have fun making a snowman, but the...

Kids games: Baby shapes NO ADS

Fun and intuitive matching game for your baby or toddler! It helps to learn shapes and colors in game. Learning...

Food games for kids ? - Funny games for toddlers

Funny food games for kids - game to learn food, vegetables and fruits, snacks. It is fun toddler games free...

Bubble Pop games for babies - Fish games ?

"Pop the bubbles" - learning games for kids that helps training fine motor skills, game logic for boys and girls,...

Animal Dance for Toddlers - Fun Educational Game

Learn how to dance with this fun music game with amusing animals for little kids

Connect the Dots for Toddlers - Educational Game

Educational and entertaining game for preschoolers based on connecting the dots.