Developer · Erepublik Labs

Total: 14 Apps & Games

Frantic Rabbit: Easter Edition

Can you save Easter? Help the Easter Rabbit collect chocolate eggs in this frantic family game. Get all the easter...

Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage

Swipe for your life. Tap for DESTRUCTION!!A monster is on the run, causing mayhem in the city… and YOU are...
Super Block Jumper

This is block parkour as you’ve never seen before! Jump, hop, spring and bounce from block to block. Make a...

Cannon Land Family

Pet Bullets are back! And now they are bringing their beloved families with them! Re-discover the super cute Cannon Land...

Cat Raiders - Wheel of Time

Build your own beautiful Cat Town and change History. Raid your friends’ towns, steal their coins, discover new fun characters...

Cannon Land - Cute Pet Bullets

Bullet needs you to get as far as possible. Shoot a bullet from one cannon to another as you get...

Twin Shooter - Invaders

Shoot once. Die twice!


Develop your military, economy or political career.

Battle Star Arena

Play retro looking pixel space battles anywhere, anytime and even OFFLINE

War and Peace: The #1 Civil War Strategy Game

Welcome to the wild Civil War! Fond of the old west? You will love this game.

Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels

Use the force of your troops to become a kingdom builder in the medieval age!

Tactical Heroes 2: Platoons

Train a massive army, make powerful allies and wage wars against enemies!

Game of Trenches 1917: The WW1 MMO Strategy Game

From base building to RTS gameplay, play through World War 1 like never before.

World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

From base building to RTS gameplay, play out your warpath through World War 2.