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Total: 17 Apps & Games
ABCmouse LIVE!

ABCmouse LIVE!™ connects your child with professional educators for live tutoring sessions providing personalized and accelerated learning your child will...
ABCmouse Mathematics Animations

100+ animations on addition, subtraction, geometry, problem-solving, and more!
ABCmouse Mastering Math

This ABCmouse app helps children build a strong understanding of numbers 1-100.

ABCmouse Music Videos

50+ animated music videos from the award-winning learning program,
ABCmouse Language Arts Animations

Nearly 200 animations phonics, reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and more
ABCmouse Mastering the Alphabet

Learn the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet!
ABCmouse Magic Rainbow Traceables®

Trace print and cursive letters with more than 400 fun Traceables!
ABCmouse Science Animations

40+ science animations featuring physical science, life science, and more!

TutorIQ platform provides personalized learning with live professional tutors.
ABCmouse Zoo

ABCmouse Zoo features 15 photorealistic animal animations, facts and quizzes.


ABCmouse offers a full online learning program for kids 2—8.
Rakuten ABCmouse

No.1 online learning program “ABCmouse”, which is loved by American children, has finally landed in Japan as “Rakuten ABCmouse”!
ABCmouse 教學機構版

ABCmouse online English learning App for children 3 to 8 years old

ReadingIQ provides thousands of leveled books for kids of all reading levels.

My Math Academy: Teacher Edition

Interactive early learning math content for PreK to 2nd grade students.

Adventure Academy

An Epic Learning Adventure for Elementary and Middle School Students.

Search and Explore

ABCmouse's new animated series, Search and Explore, is available for purchase!