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Author's NotesDungeons and Dragons 3.5 Character SheetI do not own the rights to D&D


*********This app will be taken off of the play store on November 1st, 2019. Google is no longer supporting apps that are geared toward Android version 23, which this app is. I no longer have access to the code for this app, so it will taken down after that date. A replacement app will be on the store soon, but there is no way to transfer data from this app to the new one. My apologies for the inconvience.

This app is perfect for anyone playing D&D3.5

I used my paper character sheet as a template and built an app out of it.
This app will handle a large portion of the math for you! Meaning you wont need to calculate your ability modifiers, your skill modifiers, your Armor class, and more.

This is my first app, so it may not be perfect just yet. If you find any bugs, please email me a detailed description of your problem at and I will address the bug as soon as I can!

I am not affiliated with Dungeons and Dragons, or Wizards of the Coast in any way. This was made for fun because I like the game and want to share this thing I made with other fans of the game. Please support their official games.
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Character Sheet (3.5) APK - v1.72

Updated: 2017-05-26

What's new

Fixed "to hit" so people can account for multiple attacks

Touched up the Weapon layout
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