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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesDefend your castle! Each day is tougher than the next! Will you survive?


Join the Defender in this endless castle defense game with a twist! Endless hours of non-stop action, growing your castle and going against endless waves, infinite stages and a growing competitive leaderboard.

The endless waves will not rest. Conquer the battlefield with knights and heroes! Upgrade your defenses in order to withstand the horde! As you grow, your heroes grow too! In this game of constant growth, strategy is key.

Endless Defense!
Infinite levels with endless waves means endless fun & non-stop action! Day 1? Day 10? Day 100? Day 1000? No problem! Fend off the endless waves!

Grow Castle!
Accumulate Gold and Elixir in order to grow your castle! Endless amounts of stats, spells and skills to upgrade! The possibilities are endless, strategy is key.

Idle Defender!
Idle/Offline gains whenever you take a break! Progress is made in and out of the game! Watch your tower grow with insane idle progression and rewards!

Rich In Content!
⚔️ 8+ Unique STAT Upgrades!
⚔️ 15+ Devastating SPELLS!
⚔️ 20+ Unique WEAPON to Discover!
⚔️ 20+ Loyal HEROES to Summon!
⚔️ 25+ Unique SKILLS to Uncover!

Fun-filled Gamemodes!
🗝️ Dungeon Defense - Enter the Dungeon to obtain Keys!
🦴 Epic Adventures - Go on Expeditions to uncover Fossils!

The easy days are gone. Do whatever it takes to survive and crush the endless waves in the most addictive and epic dungeon defense game of all time. Fight the endless waves before days gone! Be the best castle defender! What are you waiting for? Don't keep the Defender waiting!

List of credits and attributions available in-game and the following link:
Days Bygone - Castle Defense
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Days Bygone - Castle Defense APK - v1.22.4

Updated: 2020-08-23

What's new

*Improved Roland damage scaling
*Roland free skill tree reset (Promotion banners now include free skill tree resets for the duration of the event)

Days Bygone: Guilds Update
- Create or join a guild to start competing together!
- Represent your guild in the leaderboards!
- Coming Soon: Guild Daily CheckIn Reward, Guild Skills, Guild Raid

New Legendary Hero: Roland joins the fray!

Bug fixes and improvements
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