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Author's NotesRead fresh every day. Journey through the Bible in community.


Welcome to the official Daily Audio Bible mobile app!

The Daily Audio Bible takes you through the whole Bible in a year one day at a time but it's a lot more than that. This isn't just your basic listen along. The Daily Audio Bible is read fresh every day and you will discover a vibrant and global community of friends following the same quest. You have to experience it to believe it.

The DAB App consolidates all the different facets of the community experience. Welcome to the adventure.

For more information about Daily Audio Bible, please visit
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Daily Audio Bible Mobile App APK - v1.1.18

Updated: 2019-12-31

What's new

Welcome to the latest version of the Daily Audio Bible Mobile App!

This release brings a new level of responsiveness to the DAB app. It’s the experience we’ve dreamed of from the beginning. All of your favorites, completed episodes, and journals will be instantly available across multiple logged in devices including phones, tablets, and computers.

This version also includes numerous bug fixes, improved user interface, and enhancements to the journaling system.
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