Encrypted email that respects your privacy. 100% open-sourced.



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Author's NotesEncrypted email that respects your privacy. 100% open-sourced.


CTemplar provides a safe and secure platform for sending emails and sharing files by using 4096-bit end-to-end encryption.
Our service guarantee:

- End-to-End Encryption using Open Source Cryptography (Contents, subjects, attachments and contacts)

- Benefit from the World’s Strictest Data Protection Laws: Iceland. It has zero sharing agreements and maintains the strictest data privacy laws in the world, so your data stays encrypted on our servers and nowhere else.

- Anonymity and Zero Access to Your Data. Our industry leading “Hash & Salt” technique guarantee even we do not know your login information. We do not store your IP logs, which can be traced to your anonymous email account. Your privacy is guaranteed with CTemplar.

- Simple-to-use Interface: Simply send and receive your emails, just like a regular email account, and rest assured knowing your privacy is 100% secure.

- Our code is Open Source: you can check at anytime:

About CTemplar

As governments continues to gather data at an increasing pace, greater data privacy and protection is needed. Use of encrypted email is an important step in achieving greater protection. CTemplar is committed to providing the greatest level of data protection.

The idea to create this service grew out of a recognition of the threats facing internet privacy and security. Our effort to protect communications through encryption is an entirely new approach, one that will continually strive to employ the most advanced techniques in protecting your data.

CTemplar offers users the world’s most secure encrypted email program. CTemplar’s security does not lie solely in its advanced encryption. CTemplar is structured and domiciled so as to best protect your data from information requests.

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CTemplar APK - v1.4.0

Updated: 2020-11-12

What's new

• Subject encryption is now always active
• Decryption of subjects in the message list
• Support for encryption with ECC keys
• Optional setting for enable bug reports sending
• Enhancing the security of local storage
• Other fixes and improvements
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1.4.0 (49)2020-11-12
1.3.1 (41)2020-07-27
1.3.0 (40)2020-07-06
1.2.6 (36)2020-04-02
1.2.5 (35)2020-03-17