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Author's NotesWelcome to peace of mind. Criptext Messenger blends state of the art encryption technology with ease of use to provide...




Welcome to peace of mind.

Criptext Messenger blends state of the art encryption technology with ease of use to provide the best secure messaging experience. Originally created for the use of governments, Criptext uses RSA & AES end-to-end encryption to ensure that your messages remain out of the reach of hackers and snoopers. Because all your messages are encrypted with a unique key that belongs to you, not even we have access to your messages.

Criptext gives you complete ownership and control of the things you say, allowing you to take back messages and block the use of screenshots. Because we believe that privacy and free speech are fundamental human rights we’re now making Criptext free to use for consumers and businesses alike. We hope you have a great messaging experience and expect regular improvements and enhancements to happen. For feedback and sugestions pelase drop us a line at

●Built with passion by a team from New York and Ecuador using Criptext SDK●


+ All messages are encrypted with your unique key
+ PIN code app locking
+ Send texts, media and documents securely

+ Screenshot detection
+ Push notifications don’t show the content of your messages
+ Patent pending ID protection: Hide your name from the other person’s chat to protect yourself against screenshots

+ Unsend messages even after they’re read
+ Self-destructing messages

+ Sign in using your phone number
+ Group Messaging of up to 20 people
+ Send Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint files
+ Guest Chat: send a weblink to anyone that doesn’t have the Criptext App so they can chat securely with you from their browser
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Criptext Secure Messenger APK - v3.0.1

Updated: 2017-09-12


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2.0.13 Beta (43)2016-12-28
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2.0.7 Beta (32)2016-08-09
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