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Android 5.0 - Lollipop
Encrypted. Private. Simple.

Finally, an email service that's built around your privacy. Get your @criptext.com email address and see what it's like to have peace of mind and privacy in every email you send.


+End-to-end Encryption: Criptext uses the open source Signal Protocol library to encrypt your emails. Your emails are locked with a unique key that‘s generated and stored on your device alone, which means only you and your intended recipient can read the emails you send.

+No data collection: unlike every other email service out there, Criptext doesn't store your emails in its servers. Instead, your entire inbox is stored exclusively on your device.

+Open Source: our source code is open for everyone to see that Criptext actually works the way it's advertised. You don't have to trust us, you can verify for yourself: https://github.com/Criptext

+Easy to use: our app is designed to work as simple as any other email app — so much so, you'll forget how secure it is.

Get Criptext and see how easy it is to email with more security and privacy!

Criptext Secure Email APK - v0.25.1

: 2021-02-26

- Various bug fixes and optimizations.

0.25.1 (130)2021-02-26
0.25.0 (129)2021-02-22
0.24.0 (128)2020-11-01
0.23.6 (127)2020-10-15
0.23.5 (126)2020-09-17
0.23.4 (125)2020-08-08
0.23.3 (124)2020-07-27
0.23.2 (123)2020-07-16
0.23.1 (122)2020-07-08
0.23.0 (121)2020-07-07