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Author's NotesCrafting & Building 2 is a creative game with an infinite 3D world


Crafting & Building 2 is a creative game with an infinite 3D world

Crafting & Building 2 - Free Crafting Game is a building game game that allows users to break blocks, craft cool items, and build awesome structures.
Crafting & Building 2: Be creative in the three-dimensional world you created yourself. Build cities and villages, castles and churches.
Exploration Mode: Adopt a wolf or a cat, ride a horse! There are no monsters in crafting and building, you can focus on building your buildings or exploring the world.
With Crafting & Building 2: Start building and show the world your works. Breeding unique animals and monsters will only be available to you. Participate in hunting and fishing.
Play with friends in multiplayer mode and achieve maximum results.

NEW FEATURES IN ''Crafting & Building 2 - Free crafting game''

* Survival and Creative sandbox.
* Multiplayer for the best game.
* Perfect game for the family: boys and girls will love it.
* Choose your character: boy or girl? Custom leather?
* The best building simulator.
* Many types of animals: sheep, horse, wolf, chicken, fish, cow, mouse, steer.
* Building games: Build your own works. Who will have the best building?
* Multiplayer games: you can play online and help build friends!
* Explore the pixel world in different mods.
* Build your own shelter and home.
* Interesting game: Find a hidden cave with your friends, great multiplayer mode!
* Play for free.

Crafting & Building 2 it is a creative free building game where you can play with pets, start building and playing with many friends.

Download the game and enjoy it now!!!
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Crafting & Building 2 - Free Crafting Game APK - v1.25.9

Updated: 2020-01-05

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