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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesThe official Caviar Courier Android app


Caviar Courier is the app for couriers who deliver food orders on a flexible schedule and want to get paid instantly for each delivery.

Sign Up —

Sign up to deliver with Caviar, and within a day you can be out on your first delivery. You decide whether, how, and where to deliver on your own schedule.

Earn —

Couriers earn money by picking up orders from restaurants and delivering those orders to customers. 100% of customer tips go to couriers. Couriers can earn more money by achieving milestones.

Get Paid Instantly —

Yes, instant. Sign up for a Cash App account, sync your info with Caviar Courier, and you’ll start receiving all your payouts in Cash App. With the Cash App and Card, you’ll be able to spend your earnings almost as quickly as you earn them.

Receive Support —

Have no fear! Our courier support team is by your side to help you through the day. Easily start chatting with a live agent who can help resolve order issues or answer any questions you may have.

Refer Friends —

Have friends with spare time? Send them referrals and earn bonuses once your friends start delivering.
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Caviar Courier APK - v1.8.2

Updated: 2020-04-30

What's new

Stability and performance improvements.
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1.8.2 (10802000)2020-04-30
1.8.0 (10800000)2019-11-04
1.5.2 (10502001)2019-01-01
1.4.3 (10403000)2018-05-13
1.4.2 (10402000)2018-04-20
1.4.1 (10401000)2018-03-10
1.3.7 (10307000)2017-11-13
1.3.5 (10305000)2017-11-02
1.3.2 (10302000)2017-09-13
1.3.1 (10301000)2017-09-13
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