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Author's Notes"Improve Maths Calculation" helps you to improve your maths calculation easily.


Improve your maths calculation in 5 easy steps.

Very simple and easy to use app for everyone.

Here we will be providing you with ADDITION , SUBTRACTION , MULTIPLICATION , DIVISION and our special CHALLENGES .

Everyone want to improve there maths calculation but they don't find it easy to do. In our app we have made it a child play. Install the app and see the difference in a week.

This application is for all . If you are a kid 3 years old , if you are 10 years old , if your are 20 years old or 50 years old .

You can set your own timer, range of numbers (like 5-50) , and your own set of questions and at the end your report card will be displayed .

You can master your weak areas of calculation here . Like if you are weak in multiplication then practice multiplication by setting up different ranges, different timer ...and be the MASTER of your weakness.

You can challenge your friends , family and relatives .

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Improve Maths Calculation APK - v3.0

Updated: 2018-03-23

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The app is made FREE.
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