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OS Require4.4 and up
Author's NotesInstantly recognize the spoken content and sequentially display it.


Instantly recognize the spoken content and sequentially display it.

It supports multiple languages. English news etc. can be garbled.

The recognition engine is a Google official speech recognition engine, so it supports multilingual and regional languages.

Usage note:
This application is based on the premise that the communication environment with Wifi or carrier is effective.
If you can not connect to the Internet, you can not operate it.

Usage is as follows.

(1) recognition language selection:
Immediately after startup, speech recognition in the language corresponding to the locale of the terminal is possible. You can tap the "Settings" icon in the upper right to switch to the setting screen and select the desired language from the language picker.

(2) Speech recognition:
Tap the “MIC” icon to start voice recognition. The spoken content is displayed in text immediately.

It is recognizable when the text area is cyan. It is not recognizable when the text area is gray.

Tap "MIC PROHIBITED" icon to end speech recognition. Speech recognition time constraints depend on available memory capacity.

(3) Sharing:
Information on the displayed text can be shared by e-mail etc by tapping "Share" button.

(4) Erase:
Tap "Delete" button to clear display text.
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