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Are you worried about your family? Or want to keep in touch with them?
This is the app you need! Invite your family members and stay connected to them on a private circle (group).

Things you need to know:
○ Connected 24/7 requires all parties to have the app installed on their device and agree to stay connected to the members in the circle they’re in by accepting an invite.
○ You must have an active internet connection to use Connected 24/7.
○ You will need to give access to your location for a seamless experience.

Main App Features:
○ Create or join circles with your family.
○ Know your circle members’ current location on a private map available only to you & them.
○ Add places and get notified when your circle members enter or leave them.
○ Assign circle members that can ring and locate your stolen/lost phone even if it’s on silent/vibration mode.
○ Check your own and your circle members' activities for the past 30 days.
○ Send and receive alerts to your circle members.
○ Available on both Android and iOS devices.

Real-time location sharing:
○ Share your live location on a private map in your circle, each circle member is distinguished by their own chosen in-app pictures, forget about the frequent “where are you?” questions.
○ You can get directions to any circle member in a single button click.

○ Create circles for your family members, invite them using a unique invitation code or by sharing a link.
○ Join circles by entering a unique invitation code OR a link that any circle member can share with you.
○ Set your preferred settings for each circle individually.

Real-time notifications when a circle member:
○ Enters or leaves a place.
○ Checks-in at any location.
○ Battery is about to die.
○ Drives in a very high speed.
○ Stops sharing their location.

Drive reports:
○ Total distance covered.
○ Total trips.
○ Phone usages during a ride.
○ Exceeding the allowed speed limit.
○ Rapidly accelerating.
○ Harshly braking.

Optimized for you and your device:
○ Use as little battery resources as possible to prevent battery-draining while keeping you up-to-date with your circle members.

Drive reports and history:
○ Do you ever feel like checking how long your trip to work took? Want to prove that you’ve been at school regularly? Our history screen shows you your and your circle members activities for the past 30 days, along with warnings if you were not driving safely.

Circle alert broadcasts:
○ Send alerts to your circle members.
○ Add external contacts who will be notified about your alerts even if they don't have the app.
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Connected 24/7: Family Finder & GPS Tracker APK - v0.2.1

Updated: 2020-02-05

What's new

* Support Hindi & French languages.
* Fix some minor issues.
* Improve the user experience in history screen.
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0.2.1 (13)2020-02-05
0.1.9 (11)2020-02-03
0.1.8 (10)2020-01-31