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Read your personal horoscope for every day. Keep an eye on your biorhythms and your friends' biorhythms. Learn the secrets of numerology for free - the meaning of numbers in your date of birth. It will help you get to know yourself better, to understand your character, to understand what imperfections in yourself you can fix right now!

Find out who of people are more compatible with you by the zodiac sign, east horoscope, numerology, biorhythms. This will help you and your current partner (boyfriend or girlfriend), and in future acquaintances, relationships. You'll also be able to see which of your friends and acquaintances are more compatible with you.

The biorhythms are tracked on three lines that show your intellectual, physical and emotional activity. This will help you control the critical points in your life for a month. The critical point is the intersection of two or three lines on the zero axis simultaneously.

You can read not only your personal horoscope, but also the horoscopes of all the people whose birth dates and names you add to your personal list.

It's functional:

- A personal horoscope for every day

- Zodiac sign compatibility

- Numerology compatibility

- Eastern Horoscope Compatibility

- Biorhythm Compatibility

- Biorhythmic Graph construction

- Quick comparison of the cards of two biorhythm partners

- Partner Rating

- Zodiac horoscope

- Numerology:
* balance number
* hidden passion
* expression
* date of birth
* expression number
* life path
* number of the day
* number of year
* sun number


- Two themes are available - light and dark. A dark theme can help you save your smartphone battery.

- You can choose between European and Eastern calendars.

- You can add an avatar to each name.

The application is constantly updated. Soon you will be able to meet users who match your compatibility or just like you.

We listen to every opinion and take into account all the suggestions to make the app even better. We'll be grateful for every feedback! If you have ideas, you can draw them in Figma from this link:
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Compatibility. Horoscope. Numerology. Biorithms APK - v0.6.23

Updated: 2021-01-19

What's new

Friends, we are a young project, and our team consists of only 4 people, support our project by installing the application, our team will be very grateful to you.

After many tests we have launched a public version of the application. We diligently applied compatibility algorithms to make it easier for people to find common ground.

We will take into account all your comments and make the application better.
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