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Author's NotesCompare the price of products from the main supermarkets in United Kingdom


This App that compares the price of the products of the main supermarkets in United Kingdom: Tesco, Sainsbury, Coop, Aldi and Iceland.

1) Search the product in all the supermarkets and the price for each one appears.
2) Add the product to the basket
3) Repeat the process until the basket is finished.
4) Shows the price of the shopping cart for the supermarket. Weekly, monthly and annual expense.

It allows to analyze which supermarket is cheaper to make the shopping basket and to develop strategies to save on the purchase.

It allows you to save your searches and retrieve them another day.

It is free, easy, fast and intuitive.

With this application you can save on food purchases, since it tells you which product in your basket is cheaper. For an individual it can mean a saving of € 100 per month. In the case of a catering company, the savings can be much greater.
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Supermarkets Comparator APK - v0.28

Updated: 2020-08-14

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