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Author's NotesThe the happiest Christmas coloring book!


The the happiest Christmas coloring book!
Let’s celebrate the wonderful Christmas holiday.
Over millions of people whom like coloring, it’s the best choice! And people gave it a full 5 star review!
Including many coloring pages, such as Santa Claus, Winter, Christmas Eve and more.
Brushes and coloring can be mixed to use, It’s the most popular coloring way!
Merry Christmas!

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Innovative filling way

★ Preset different color styles and gradient colors, it is easier for you to find the sense of color

★ Press a certain color for a long time to absorb the color or move to choose other colors, it’s convenient to get the colors on artboard.

★ Brushes and coloring can be mixed to use, increasing coloring playability, easier to create their love works.

Coloring game cure effect
The elderly, to enhance the vitality of the brain, can prevent Alzheimer's disease;
Adults, can be treated with anxiety and irritability, ease the pressure of work;
Children, to develop a child's sense of color, the development of intelligence, also to prevent addiction to violent games.

Using coloring app can reduce the damage to environment. So, go for it.

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2021 Christmas Coloring Book APK - v3.1.5

Updated: 2020-10-14

What's new

- Fixes minor bugs.
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