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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesSimple. Multi-source. Accurate.No more inconsistent weather reports, with Clyma


Get Clyma and wave goodbye to inconsistency!🌞
Clyma uses 3 separate weather providers to ensure you get the most accurate weather, every time. 🌡️ Get hour-by-hour weather and daily weather at a single glance, with an easy-to-use, clean and simple design, delightful animations and bold colours. ❄️ Choose from multiple themes, including support for dark theme and a full black theme for OLED screens. 🌙 View accurate and latest weather info on the go with Clyma's convenient auto-updating homescreen widgets in 3 different sizes so you can customize to your specific needs! 🌇

• 3 reputed weather providers 🌎
Get the most accurate weather information every time with data sourced from 3 separate, independent and reputed weather providers (Dark Sky, OpenWeatherMap, Weatherbit). No more inconsistency and checking dozens of different weather apps!

• Clean, simple and beautiful design 🏠
Bold colours and dynamic animations for every weather condition for a pleasant surprise every time you check the weather

• Convenient homescreen widgets 📱
Use Clyma's homescreen widgets to get the latest accurate weather right on your homescreen, in a total of 3 different sizes

• Hourly forecast
Get weather info for the next 24 hours to be prepared for the whole day! Check hourly temperature, hourly pressure, hourly humidity, hourly precipitation, hourly UV Index and much more, with elegant charts colored in beautiful shades

• Weekly forecast 📅
Daily weather forecast for the next 7 days so you can plan ahead for the whole week

• Multiple themes 🌈
Choose from multiple themes, including dark theme and black theme for OLED screens. Clyma also supports system-level dark theme on Android 10 and above.

Try Clyma Weather for free, today!
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Clyma Weather: Simple, Multi-source and Accurate APK - v1.4.7

Updated: 2020-07-15

What's new

• Fixed crash on disabling Crashlytics
• Other crash fixes
• Weather alert icon now only shows up if there are alerts active
• Fixed bug where dismissed alert notifications show up again
• UI readability improvements
• Updated German translations

NOTE: Time delays between Clyma's weather alerts and the alert website(s) are possible. Please visit your local meteorological website for the latest information.
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