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Celebrate more team wins, on the go, with the most intuitive and enjoyable project management platform.

A lightweight yet powerful approach to project planning and product creation, Clubhouse is how software teams do their best work together.

Features of Clubhouse for Android:

• Create new Stories quickly with a few taps

• Search for, track progress on, update, and add comments to all Stories in your workspace

• View details and progress on all Epics in your workspace

• Quickly see what you’re working on in the Dashboard

• See all activity on the projects that you’re working on in the Activity Feed

Thousands of technology-driven organizations – from start-ups to large enterprises – enjoy using Clubhouse to develop software more efficiently:

“Clubhouse provides the ability to work on a task list at the smallest level where I can check things off, all the way up to tracking my entire company's engineering velocity at the milestone level.”

- John Kodumal, CTO/Co-Founder, LaunchDarkly

“Clubhouse allows us to provide structure and process. It keeps us organized and focused.”

- Yasmin Nozari, VP of Product, MakeSpace

“Clubhouse is fine grained enough that each sub-team can track the tasks they're working on, but allows us to zoom out to the team, product, or stack level.”

- Clinton Gormley, Team Lead, elastic

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Clubhouse APK - v2.11.0

Updated: 2020-08-12

What's new

• Share an epic is now available
• You can now view an epic and an epic comment in our mobile app when following a link from an outside app!
• Push notifications are now highlighting and scrolling you to comment you just clicked
• We’ve fixed some issues with tasks around alignment and character allowance
• We’ve updated our dependencies to make sure you get the most up to date experience possible
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2.6.7 (57)2019-12-14
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