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Author's NotesPromotions and discounts from the comfort of your device


Grupo Promerica brings you the new and updated ¡Club Promerica App!

Find our promotions and discounts on your phone in an easy and efficient way, wherever you are. Furthermore, request your desired products by registering and finding our closest commerces, where you can redeem the points or miles in your Banco Promerica credit cards.

The download is free and includes the following features:

* Seek active discounts and promotions, as well as like and share your favorites with your friends.

* Easily locate the commerces where you can redeem your points or miles.

* Find the closest service points: chain stores, ATMs and kiosks.

* Request products and services by only registering.

* Employ the Sinpe Móvil option (Only for Banco Promerica Costa Rica).

* Ask for our featured events.

Note: The functionality of finding nearby stores uses your geographical location in the background only to show you nearby stores based on the country you are in, the APP does not collect data or store this data.
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Club Promerica APK - v2.2.51.634

Updated: 2020-12-24

What's new

We are constantly making changes and improving your experience at Club Promerica.

-Now you can check and redeem your Promerica Points *.
-Register your payment method easily and quickly *.
-Use your debit and credit cards to make purchases within the Club Promerica App *.
-Now you can buy in the Virtual Store *.

*Valid in Honduras and Guatemala.
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