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Author's NotesOne tap to rule them all!


Do you have what it takes to excel in this game of wit, brains, and colors?

In Clash of Blocks, your job is to strategically place your own block so that it rolls out faster than your opponents. Your goal is to win majority of the board, to have your color take up the majority of the board! Can you get a 60% majority? Or 70%? Or 80%? Or even over 90%?

You need to be sneaky and clever to get more tiles than the opponent color!

What percentage of the population will your color get?
There’s only one way to find out! Download Clash of Blocks today and challenge your sneakiness!
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Clash of Blocks APK - v0.44.1

Updated: 2020-09-06

What's new

Bug fixes + performance improvements. Thank you for playing!
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0.44.1 (4401)2020-09-06
0.45.1 (4501)2020-08-29
0.43.1 (4301)2020-08-03
0.42.1 (4201)2020-06-01
0.41.1 (4101)2020-05-15
0.40.1 (4001)2020-04-16
0.39.1 (3901)2020-03-28
0.37.1 (3701)2020-03-18
0.35.1 (3501)2020-01-23
0.34.1 (3401)2020-01-11
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