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Author's Notes🎁 Your first psychic answer is totally free within 3 days!


🖐 Welcome to our Psychic App, medium and cartomancy! Do you wonder what your future is made of? We will help you seeing more clearly so your choices are the best!

👉 Discover your future right now! Private clairvoyance consultations, 24/7! Our predictions are precise and made by a serious and effective medium, and above all: a passionate one.

🤑 Our psychic service is the cheapest on Play Store. You can see how it works thanks to our first totally free answer within 3 days!

⭐ Passionate with clairvoyance, our main psychic fields are tarology, astrology and numerology.

⚡ To see the future, we use tarot de Marseille's cards, a pendulum or a ball of clairvoyance. The item used depends on the question asked.

🌈 Discover your future right now. Do not remain in doubt and uncertainity!

👀 Clairvoyance makes it possible to evaluate incoming situations. It makes visible what was invisible, bright what was dark, conscious what was unconscious, letting you make wise decision with a better analytical mind.

👍 Your consultation takes place with a serious and experienced clairvoyant. He is recognized by other fortune tellers as a competent, serious and professional psychic. And above all, he is totally passionate about divinatory arts!

💬 Thanks to our app, you can choice wisely your destiny. Our replies are clear, sharp and contain details about the people, the places and the dates. We also describe personalities in pure mediumnity, with detailed direct flashes. We will never reply something trivial or blurry like: "I see difficulties and resolutions", everyone could say that without psychic skills!

💖 Our Psychic App is clear, precise and detailed. We unveil with precision the major events of your past. We discuss your current situation and we give you the keys to untie the knots that prevent you from moving forward.

👂 Our mission is to provide you with advice, listening and quality help at every clairvoyance consultation. The answers are precise, detailed, without any complacency or charlatanism. Our goal is not to answer something you would have like to hear but to read your factual future. The answers given during a clairvoyance consultation are precise and without concession, the positive as the negative will be shared.
😉 Fortune telling helps you to appreciate certain aspects of your life. It can also help you positively orient the lines of your destiny. You are the only pilot of your life or of your choices. Still, clairvoyance helps you in the decisions to be made, in the decisions that arise on the line of your destiny.
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Free Psychic - One free answer APK - v2.0.9

Updated: 2021-01-08

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Improvements for Android 10
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2.0.9 (10022)2021-01-08
2.0.8 (10021)2021-01-02
2.0.7 (10020)2020-12-11
2.0.6 (10019)2020-11-03
2.0.5 (10018)2020-09-30
2.0.4 (10017)2020-09-28
2.0.3 (10016)2020-09-21
2.0.2 (10015)2020-09-15
2.0.1 (10014)2020-08-29
2.0.0 (10013)2020-07-28
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