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Author's NotesWelcome to the world of you! Take control of your data and get value from it.


Welcome to the world of you!
-Is your Facebook persona the real you?
-How do you compare to people like you?
-Earn cash for sharing with brands, anonymously.

With CitizenMe, you can take control of your data and, importantly, get value from it. CitizenMe earns you money for sharing your data and opinions anonymously with brands. Personality insights are designed by our very clever scientist friends at Sheffield and Cambridge Universities. Your identity will never be shared, we’ve always got your back.

Discover yourself. Value yourself. Be yourself.
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CitizenMe APK - v2.55.9

Updated: 2020-09-18

What's new

You can be app/website developers favourite citizens!
- New question type allowing you to test versions of apps/websites before they are released. You can help shape companies apps/websites to become the best in class
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2.55.9 (3662)2020-09-18
2.54.4 (3652)2020-09-05
2.53.2 (3647)2020-07-15
2.52.6 (3644)2020-07-01
2.52.5 (3643)2020-06-26
2.51.7 (3636)2020-05-23
2.50.12 (3628)2020-04-11
2.49.13 (3614)2020-03-02
2.48.7 (3600)2020-01-30
2.47.8 (3592)2019-12-06
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