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Author's NotesEssential COVID Safety Tools


Citizen, an essential public safety app in the US, introduces SafePass, a suite of COVID safety tools. With SafePass, you, your friends, and your family can be alerted if SafePass determines you may have been exposed to COVID, order at-home tests, and share health updates so you can make an informed decision on how to better protect yourself from COVID-19, in accordance with local health office orders and protocols.

This app allows you to:
Enable Bluetooth contact tracing to get notified if you were near a SafePass user also using Bluetooth contact tracing who tests positive for COVID-19.
Get alerted if you were exposed to COVID to know when and where.
Have peace of mind around coworkers if you have to you’re already back at your workplace or trying to figure out a strategy for returning to the office.
As schools reopen, help classes or study groups meet in person more safely.
Plus, get a free at-home test if you receive an exposure notification from us (terms and conditions apply see

We keep your information safe.
• All contact tracing data is encrypted, and deleted after 30 days.
• No one profits from your contact tracing data.
• Only people in the Pods you're a part of will be able to see information about you.
• You can disable contact tracing at any time.

SafePass has partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health and San Joaquin County Health Care Services.

Download SafePass and help break the COVID chain. Please see CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines for the latest information:
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Citizen SafePass APK - v1.10.2

Updated: 2020-11-19

What's new

You can now use Pods to to share health updates with the people you need to be around. You can set shared requirements like testing negative for COVID, being symptom free, and enabling Bluetooth contact tracing. We've added disclaimers for all of our COVID-19 features to reflect CDC guidelines.
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1.10.2 (758)2020-11-19
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