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Author's NotesCitadel of believer contains authentic duas/supplications/azkar in Islam.


Citadel of believer contains authentic duas in Islam.
Supplications in Islam is a guidance of the soul and protect one from unseen spirits and evil eyes.

- Duas and supplications in Islam
- 99 names of Allah
- Islam Quizzes
- WUDU (Complete steps how to perform ablution)
- Tayammum
- How to perform Wudhu and Gusl
- Mishary Rasheed Quran recitation mp3
- Mohammad Raadal Kurdi Quran
- concept of marriage in Islam
- Pillars of Islam
- Stories of prophets
- Chats and discussion forum
- Loads faster and uses less data
- contains Islam duas and supplications
- easy to use

Note: We will love to hear from you for suggestions, corrections or comments. May almighty Allah accept it as an act of worship.
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Hisnul Muslim - Fortress of the Muslim APK - v9.7

Updated: 2020-09-29

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New design
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