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Author's NotesEat tasty restaurant food and share photos of your dish or drink for quests


Chomp is a Restaurant Quest Experience

Do you have a list of restaurants, dishes, and cuisines you want to try? Are you a food lover? Do you want to know the latest places to find great food? Whether it's great burgers, tasty sushi, or delicious pizza, Chomp has you covered for all your dining or takeout needs. From trendy brunch places to food trucks, to pop up restaurants Chomp makes your must-visit restaurant lists into fun meal quests. Create your own quests and share meal recommendations with your friends, or join expert-created quests. Earn status by conquering food or drink quests. Join quests to discover new places to eat. Complete quests, earn badges and level up your foodie status. Over time build up your profile as a foodie by visiting different types of restaurants or cafes, sharing photos and earning badges and status.

🔎 Quests 🔍
Join quests and discover new restaurants, dishes, and places to eat. Compete with friends to see who completes quests the fastest.

📷 Photo & Share 📷
Style your meal photos with tasty Chomp shop stickers and share photos of your dining experiences with your friends.

🏅 Badges 🏅
Earn different types of badges based on the different types of restaurants, meals, cuisines, and menu items you try. Chomp has over 150 different types of food categories and badges to earn!

🎯 Experience Points 🎯
Progress through different quests and visit more restaurants and cafes, earn experience points, and share your progress with your friends.

🏆 Levels 🏆
Level up your overall foodie status by completing quests, sharing photos, and earning badges and experience points.
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Chomp: Tasty Foodie Quests & Restaurant Check-In APK - v2.25.0

Updated: 2021-02-21

What's new

In this version of Chomp we have added a brand new home screen to help you find even more tasty new quests and places! We hope you enjoy it!
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2.25.0 (127908)2021-02-21
2.23.0 (125500)2021-02-10
2.22.1 (125359)2021-01-31
2.21.1 (123733)2021-01-26
2.20.1 (122335)2021-01-17
2.19.1 (120940)2021-01-12
2.18.0 (118257)2021-01-05
2.16.2 (117745)2020-12-21
2.16.1 (116191)2020-12-16
2.15.3 (114387)2020-12-09
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